//YMTT Organised Its 9th Young Managers Forum

YMTT Organised Its 9th Young Managers Forum

Source: PIAM, 3 October 2019

Themed “Passion x Purpose”, PIAM Young Managers Think Tank (YMTT) successfully organised its 9th Young Managers Forum (YMF) at Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur on
3 October 2019. This forum garnered the attendance of 63 young managers from the general insurance industry and takaful operators.

PIAM Chairman Mr Antony Lee, in his opening speech said, “As leaders, it is important for us to have the passion and purpose in what we do. More so in today’s digitalised world. Amidst the numerous input and disruptions the digitalised world today present, today’s leader needs to be self-anchored and self-motivated with his or her own passion clearly defined, in order not to be lost in a sea of distractions.”

Ms Lau Chin Ching, Director of Insurance Development Department of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) who graced the event, highlighted her personal philosophies in her Keynote Address, which is aptly entitled “S.H.O.O. Away the Negativity” in order to achieve greater satisfaction at work”. S stands for Success by working hard and smart as well as with a bit of luck. H represents Humbleness where one must admit his or her mistakes and recognizes own weaknesses. O stands for Optimism which express the importance to focus on the achievable objectives and not be distracted by the emotions. The final O denotes Openness as she believes that the leaders who listen with an open heart and mind tend to encourage proactiveness within their teams.

Mr William Yap, CEO of Elix Professionals Sdn Bhd presented a topic entitled “Introduction to Data Science”. He provided insights on how the applications of data science helps the insurance industry work in a more efficient manner.


This was followed by a symposium on the topic “Leading in the Age of Data – Defining Modern Leaders”. Moderated by YMTT Adviser, En Mokhtar Abdul Razak, the speakers comprised of
En Zainudin Ishak, Convenor of EHRD Sub-committee; Ms Khoo Ai Lin, Group CEO of Tune Protect Group Berhad; Ms Kristina Rai, Director of Human Capital Development Centre of BNM and Mr Mahendran Samiappan, CEO of Insurance Services Malaysia Bhd. They also deliberated on the forum’s theme and provided useful perceptions to the young managers.

Mr Mark Lim, PIAM CEO provided updates on Industry Performance and Development. He also shared the challenges faced by the general insurance players in the market and opportunities available to fellow participants.

The final session was a “Data Analytics Introductory Workshop” conducted by Mr William Yap where he introduced the participants to R programming. This is a programming language and software for statistical computing which is widely used to develop statistical software and data analysis. At this interactive session, the young managers were able to obtain some hands-on experience in data cleaning as well as building their first predictive model.

Mr Kelvin Siah, YMTT Leader, shared some important key points in finding one’s passion and purpose. He emphasized that with passion, it will drive the young managers further. Wrapping up the event, he updated the young managers on the upcoming activities with a call for volunteerism and greater participation from the industry.