//#VirtualLearning: MII’s Virtual Instructor-Led Training Programmes Are Now Available

#VirtualLearning: MII’s Virtual Instructor-Led Training Programmes Are Now Available

Businesses around the world have had to face disruption at a speed and scale that is unprecedented. Given the uncertainties surrounding us and the need to experiment and learn fast as we try to navigate the way forward, businesses need to be agile to operate successfully now. Big or small, we have seen recently how organizations are operating and serving customers in creative and alternative ways by leveraging technology. The Malaysian Insurance Institute is no exception to this change. We are progressively adapting to suit the changing needs of the industry as well as the evolving operating landscape. We see great opportunities ahead in fulfilling our core purpose to develop and augment capability and capacity of industry professionals to support the growth and modernization of the insurance industry.

In line with this, MII’s Virtual Instructor-Led Training Programmes (VILT) have been developed to help fill the gaps in professional learning and development for all insurance professionals. Today, VILT is expanding the idea of traditional classroom training. With webinars and video conferencing platforms, participants can effortlessly connect online to real-time training with Subject Matter Experts, irrespective of their location. These new virtual programmes are designed to support interactive communication between trainers and participants where trainers are able to share slide presentations and videos as well as conduct focused group discussions and role plays using breakout rooms and live Q&A sessions to create an immersive learning experience.

These new virtual programmes are designed with professionals in mind, where virtual classes are scheduled for shorter durations (max. 4 hours per session/programme) as compared to face-to-face class (full day of 8 hours/day) and spread over multiple sessions. The key is about providing learners with the flexibility to learn anywhere while continuing to invest in the knowledge and new skill enhancement of industry professionals which is vital to build a resilient business in the shifting sands of the environment we operate in going forward.
Take a look at the virtual training programmes that we have lined up for you to choose from:



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