//Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)


As we individually search and create new norms amidst a pandemic, organizations are also forced to change the way they conduct businesses. Big or small, we begin to see organizations operate and serve customers in creative and alternative ways by leveraging technology. The Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) is progressively adapting to the times as we see great opportunities ahead in fulfilling our mandate as a professional training provider for the insurance industry.

Within business, VILT is driven by the need to effectively train a growing population at a controllable cost. Its use enables organizations to provide valuable learning experiences for employees, customers and channel partners while avoiding travel and lodging costs and valuable time spent away from the job.

MII’s Virtual Instructor-Led Training Programmes (VILT) is developed to help fill the gaps in professional learning and development for all insurance professionals. VILT refers to training that is delivered in a virtual or simulated environment, or when instructor and learner are in separate locations. VILT provides an engaging experience in which participants can connect with the content and interact with both the instructor and other classmates.

Today, with webinars and video conferencing tools, participants can easily connect online to real-time training with Subject Matter Experts, irrespective of their location. These new virtual programmes are designed to support interactive communication between trainers and participants where trainers can share slide presentations and videos as well as conduct focused group discussions and role plays using breakout rooms and live Q&A sessions to create an immersive learning experience.

VILT offers more than just clear communication between learners and instructors. These new virtual programmes are designed with professionals in mind, where virtual classes are scheduled in shorter durations and spread over multiple sessions.

For further assistance or clarification on MII’s VILT, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at +603 2712 8882 or email [email protected].

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