//The Ultimate Question: Do you have what it takes?

The Ultimate Question: Do you have what it takes?

By Zubair Mohamad, MII Knowledge Management

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, professionalism is defined as “the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person;”. It also defines a profession as “a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation.” These definitions imply that professionalism encompasses several different attributes, and, together, these attributes identify and define a professional.

It is important that we work to earn a professional reputation in the workplace. True professionals are the first to be considered for promotions. They are normally those who are entrusted to work on valuable projects or work with high profile clients.

The following is a list of characteristics of a professional that you can refer, to identify characteristics that you may already possess as well as characteristics that you might want to cultivate in the future.

Possess Specialized Skills and Knowledge
Professionals are expected to have specialized skillset or knowledge. They are committed to continuously develop and improve their skills, and when necessary, become certified to validate their status as an expert in their field. However, not all types of skills and knowledge require certification. Most are mastered through years of practice.

Competent and Trustworthy
Professionals are known to get the job done. They are reliable and proactive in their efforts to successfully complete a certain task or project. Professionals with this characteristic often manage expectations and workaround their deliverables.

This also include qualities such as honesty and integrity. They do not compromise on value and ethical standards even when facing difficult situations. Most importantly, professionals are humble people – they seek help and knowledge from others when there is a need.


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