//Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources


1. Reinsurance Underwriting, 2nd Ed.
by Robert Kiln and Stephen Kiln

This book will give an insight into the real world of reinsurance. It is intended as a practical workbook for those who are working in insurance or reinsurance and who have a working knowledge of the subject, and those who own or manage reinsurance operations.

Resource type: Book


2. Mann’s Annotated Insurance Contracts Act. 7th Ed.
Peter Mann

This provides the full text of the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 accompanied by clear and concise annotations, explaining the operation of the Act. Accompanying the annotated Insurance Contracts Act, the work also contains related legislation and materials.

Resource type: Book

3. Business Risk Management: Models and Analysis
Edward J. Anderson

This book has a quantitative emphasis but is accessible to those without a strong mathematical background. It discusses novel modern approaches to risk management, introduces advanced topics in an accessible manner, includes motivating worked examples and exercises (including selected solutions). It is written with the student in mind and does not assume advanced mathematics. It is also suitable for self-study by the manager who wishes to better understand this important field.

Resource type: Book

4. Non-traditional Life Insurance Products with Guarantees
Edited by Tigran Kalberer and Kannoo Ravindran

This book analyses all investment products with guarantees – such as VAs, index linked products, CPPI-based products – from the perspective of product design, pricing, reserving value management and risk management. It examines issues that are faced by both insurance and mutual fund companies. It provides an overview of all of the relevant aspects of these investment and retirement products from an insurer s and pension plan s perspective and offers practical and theoretical advice.

Resource type: Book

5. Foundations of Financial Risk: An Overview of Financial Risk and Risk-Based Financial Regulation
Richard Apostolik, Christopher Donohue

This book provides terminology and basic concepts surrounding global financial risk and regulation and develop an understanding of the methods used to measure and manage market, credit, and operational risk. Coverage includes traded market risk and regulation, treasury risk and regulation, and much more, including brand new coverage of risk management for insurance companies. Clear explanations, focused discussion, and comprehensive relevancy make this book an ideal resource for an introduction to risk management.

Resource type: Book

6. Insurance Law Implications of Delay in Maritime Transport
Ayşegül Buğra

This book deals specifically with this issue in the context of insurance law. The book addresses the losses and expenses that may arise from delay or loss of time in maritime transport, the types of insurance available covering or excluding losses arising from it and the impact of delay on voyage policies. The author critically examines and evaluates the scope of several different types of marine insurance policies, including but not limited to: hull and machinery, cargo, freight, loss of hire and marine delay in start-up insurance.

Resource type: Book

7.The Extraordinary History of Australasian Loss Adjusters: What Killed the Tiger
Elizabeth Marx

This book is a fascinating glimpse into Australasian history: the Ash Wednesday fires, Christchurch earthquakes, Rene Rivkin’s mysterious Alpine Press fire, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, set disasters on a famous New Zealand films … Each time calamity strikes, in the aftermath, a tiny profession slips in, before the police, fire fighters and ambulances have gone. These specialists, from the parallel world of insurance, act in the nether land between insurer and insured, adjudicating by a time-honoured professional code.

Resource type: Book

8.Health Care Finance and the Mechanics of Insurance and Reimbursement
Michael K. Harrington

This book stands apart from other texts on health care finance or health insurance, in that it specifically addresses the methods and process for reimbursement, including coding, reimbursement strategies, compliance, financial reporting, case mix index, and external auditing.

Resource type: Book