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Recommended Resources

The listed titles are the recommended resources by the Knowledge Management Unit of The Malaysian Insurance Institute.



Moral Hazard in Health Insurance
Amy Finkelstein

This book presents compelling evidence that health insurance does indeed affect medical spending and encourages policy solutions that acknowledge and account for this. It also features commentaries and insights from other renowned economists, including an introduction by Joseph P. Newhouse that provides context for the discussion, a commentary from Jonathan Gruber that considers provider-side moral hazard, and reflections from Joseph E. Stiglitz and Kenneth J. Arrow.

Resource type: Book

The Economics, Regulation, and Systemic Risk of Insurance Markets

Edited by Felix Hufeld, Ralph S. J. Koijen and
Christian Thimann

Despite the importance of insurance in enabling individual and collective social, economic, and financial activities, discussions about the macroeconomic role and risks of insurance markets are surprisingly limited. This book brings together academics, regulators, and industry experts to provide a multifaceted array of research and perspectives on insurance, its role and functioning, and the potential systemic risk it could create.

Resource type: Book

Insurance Transformed: Technological Disruption
Michael Naylor

This book explores how a range of innovative disruptive technologies is about to combine to transform the insurance industry, the products it produces, and the way the industry is managed. It argues that unless current insurance providers react to these waves of disruption they will be swept away by new innovators. The book describes what insurers need to do to survive.

Resource type: Book


Digital Insurance: Business Innovation in the Post-Crisis Era
Bernardo Nicoletti

This book explores the ways in which the adoption of new paradigms, processes, and technologies can lead to greater revenue, cost efficiency and control, as well as improved business agility in the insurance industry.

Resource type: Book


The Financial Planning Puzzle
Jason Silverberg

This book has advice you need to help you find the solution to your financial success. Readers will discover ways to make financial decisions that help them achieve their goals, avoid the myths and misconceptions about money to make better choices, become an educated consumer and learn the basics of every part of your finances and much, much more!

Resource type: Book


Multiple Criteria Decision Making in Finance, Insurance and Investment
Edited by Minwir Al-Shammari, Hatem Masri

This book is devoted to developments and applications of multiple criteria decision aid tools in the field of finance, insurance and investment. It illustrates methods and procedures designed to solve problems related to finance, insurance and portfolio selection formulated through a mathematical programming framework and for which a large number of conflicting and incommensurable objectives (criteria, attributes) is simultaneously optimized. The book introduces researchers and practitioners to theoretical and methodological developments in multi-attributes portfolio selection, multiple criteria analysis in finance, insurance and investment.

Resource type: Book


The Fundamentals of Operational Risk for Insurers
Cathy Hampson and Gustavo Ortega

This book provides readers with practical approaches in how to better understand risk and control frameworks that are not based on a ‘one size fits all’ model but instead focus on the relevant tools and processes and how these can be better designed for each organisation according to its size, scale of complexity, and the regulatory landscape.

Resource type: Book

Financial Risk Management: Applications in Market Credit, Asset and Liability Management and Firmwide Risk
Jimmy Skoglund

This book takes readers through a journey from basic market risk analysis to major recent advances in all financial risk disciplines. The quantitative methodologies are developed with ample business case discussions and examples illustrating how they are used in practice. Chapters devoted to firmwide risk and stress testing cross reference the different methodologies developed for the specific risk areas and explain how they work together at firmwide level. Since risk regulations have driven a lot of the recent practices, the book also relates to the current global regulations in the financial risk areas.

Resource type: Book