//Protect Malaysia from Cyber Risks

Protect Malaysia from Cyber Risks



The world is facing increased geopolitical tension resulting in a huge increase in the threat levels from cyber-attacks. The threat actors are not just criminals with the objective of profit but often nation states with a motivation beyond money.

The world has been told to have “Shields Up” and embrace a heightened preparedness to deal with this activity. Being prepared and not scared is key. Cyber resilience is an imperative of every board and the financial sector in every region is a key target for malefactors. Regulators have increased awareness on these matters and have been very clear on their expectations.

Organisations need to develop an appropriate cyber strategy that is relevant for their proportionality of risk. The answer to this challenge is leadership, this is a business issue NOT an IT issue.

Enabling and empowering business leaders with the appropriate education is the key to success. Join Paul C Dwyer, President of the International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF) as he outlines the status of today’s cyber risk landscape and articulates a holistic syllabus organisations can adopt.

This strategy strengthens and empowers organisations from within by providing them the key knowledge in order to deal with cyber risk as part of their everyday functions. This is not simply awareness training, this is business training.

This approach has been successfully adopted by some of the world’s leading financial service organisations HSBC, Barclays, Ulster Bank, RBS, Riyad Bank, Central Bank of Bahrain, Bank of Ireland, PayPal, First Republic Bank, Western Union, Central Bank of Ireland. MoneyCorp, First Republic Bank and many more.

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