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In your academic journey with Life Assurance, you will develop knowledge and understanding about the scope of Life assurance, its appropriate use, administration, and the legal and regulatory influences on the conduct of this type of business.

This text provides a practical, managerial approach to the subject and gives you a rich variety of examples and applications to illustrate the main principles through simple, yet effective learning aids.
Each chapter begins with a list of learning outcomes that you can expect to achieve by studying the topic. This is followed by a statement on why the topic is important. Together, they set out a clear contextual framework for you, within which you will conduct your study, being at all times conscious of why you are studying the topic.

This text begins by tracing the development of life assurance and leads to a comparison and contrast of the types of life assurance contracts available in the market. Risk assessment and control is discussed in combination with an explanation of the legality and administrative issues of life policies, with a view to helping the learner apply life assurance knowledge and skills in different scenarios. Reassurance is discussed briefly followed by a detailed look at claims administration and taxation, which help the learner interpret the regulatory and taxation framework governing life assurance. The role of information technology is explored, leading to a final discussion on ethical issues that arise with consumers.

Scattered throughout, are insightful thought primers that will set you thinking of what you have just read, learning activities and case studies that will help you reflect on issues as if you were facing them in the real-world.

Towards the end are a collection of rich review questions and tutorial questions to help you assimilate what you have learned and put your knowledge and skills to the test.

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