Edge by Laura Huang

Drawing from her award-winning research into entrepreneurial intuition and implicit decision-making, Laura Huang, an associate professor at the Harvard Business School, has cracked the code and discovered a way to turn weaknesses into strengths and gain the edge necessary to turn any situation to your favor. With Edge, Huang guides readers to discover who they are, and how to use that knowledge to their advantage to build a powerful and successful life.

Get a Life! Creating a Successful Work-Life Balance
by Rick Hughes

As millions of people continue to work from home in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, striking a balance between our careers and our individual interests has become a considerable challenge for many of us. In Get a Life!, author Rick Hughes addresses this imbalance and helps readers learn to establish and maintain equilibrium between their personal and professional selves. He explains how we can achieve greater harmony between work and play by carefully making decisions that align with a well-rounded life. Hughes also highlights the steps we should take to establish healthy relationships and create more meaningful experiences at work. It all begins with finding time to nurture ourselves while also focusing on boundaries and efficiency.

Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life
by Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein

In this follow-up to The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, author and TV host Marie Kondo explains how her signature KonMari Method isn’t merely limited to organizing our closets and cupboards. Rather, the same approach can be applied to the spaces in which we work. In Joy at Work, Kondo outlines simple ways we can transform our desks, offices, and cubicles into joyful areas that can enhance our productivity. She also offers tactics to help readers organize their email inboxes and file storage services, and she provides advice on extending her approach to our calendars and daily schedules. By abiding by these practices, it can become easier to stay focused and achieve goals at work and in life.

Goals: How to Get the Most Out of Your Life Hardcover
by Zig Ziglar

If you’re familiar with Zig, you know you’ll get lots of folksy stories and one-liners in this book. And motivation by the wheelbarrow load. What you might be surprised by is the level of practicality. Zig breaks the goal setting and getting processes down to step by step, day by day actions. Whether you are just now experiencing Zig Ziglar for the first time or even if you have followed him for years, this book will be a life-changing revelation.