/Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Join us now and enjoy exclusive benefits of being a professional member of the insurance industry. We are expanding our privileges to make sure you would receive the best value in terms of recognition, opportunity and support from your membership.

Additional Notes:

  1. Voting Rights for  the Institutional members (excluding the Institutional – Educational & Other Institutions) would be as stated in MII’s Articles of Association, which is 1 representative for each institution.
  2. Benefits such as member rates, invitation to events and access to the MII digital library shall be accorded based on the classes and levels of MII membership.
  3. Professional Designation would be applicable after the election process.
  4. Members may enjoy free admission & reference services offered at the MII Knowledge Centre. However, the borrowing service are only available upon payment of library deposit. Visit www.miielibrary.com for more information on the Knowledge Centre services.