//Manulife Malaysia awarded the 2020 Sustainability and CSR Malaysia Award

Manulife Malaysia awarded the 2020 Sustainability and CSR Malaysia Award

Source: Manulife, 1 December 2020

Manulife Malaysia has been awarded the 2020 Sustainability and CSR Malaysia Award. This is the second time for Manulife to win this award following its 2018 recognition.
The Company’s flagship Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme held in 2019 was the Orang Asli Education Programme that supported the educational needs of 133 Orang Asli children from five villages: Kg. Sg. Ruai, Kg. Ulu Ruai, Kg. Sg. Kelang, Kg. Satak and Kg. Bertang. The financial support provided by Manulife enabled transportation arrangements to be made for the Orang Asli children to attend school as well as participate in after-school learning activities.

In receiving the award, Manulife Insurance Berhad’s (MIB) Chief Marketing Officer, Jason Lim Yeong Tah said, “Winning this award solidifies the Company’s CSR culture of giving back to the community in which we operate. We have a strong values-driven culture, whereby one of our Values, “Share Your Humanity”, emphasises that our business is conducted in a manner that is socially and environmentally accountable to our stakeholders by practicing responsible ethics. This forms part of our commitment as an active and caring corporate citizen in Malaysia that focuses on helping people lead every day better and more financially secure lives.”

According to Datuk R. Rajendran, CSR Malaysia Chairman, “More often than not, the focus on recognition for sustainability and CSR excellence has not been sufficient. It must be remembered that private sector companies are the driving force of the nation’s economy and they are well placed to carry out meaningful and significant CSR activities.”

The annual Sustainability and CSR Malaysia Awards is a joint project by CSR Malaysia publication and Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Malaysia Welfare Society. The Award recognises corporations that have excelled incorporate sustainability and social responsibility that boosts socio-economic transformation in the country. Among the judging criteria for the Sustainability and CSR Malaysia Awards are clear purpose and goals of the company for the CSR initiative, the impact created, and the frequency of CSR events held.

Lee Seng Chee, the Managing Editor and Co-Chairman of CSR Malaysia said, “Corporate Malaysia’s aspirations should always go beyond mere profits or building world class buildings or infrastructures.” He added, “Corporations and organizations will need to promote sustainable economies by helping marginalized communities and making environmental efforts to preserve our heritage for future generations.”