//Human Resources (HR) Communities of Practice (CoP) Virtual Roundtable Discussion

Human Resources (HR) Communities of Practice (CoP) Virtual Roundtable Discussion


The second Human Resources (HR) Communities of Practice (CoP) Virtual Roundtable Discussion for the year 2021 was successfully held on 23 September 2021. This event brought together HR professionals from across the industry to collaborate on, connect with and discuss the most pertinent issues and trends in HR.

The HR CoP is an event that supports professional development and is a platform for information and knowledge exchange. On a broad scale, the topics discussed during this roundtable discussion circled around workforce and skills for the future, the open talent economy, L&D strategy in turbulent times, and the latest HR trends and insights.

The discussion was led by experienced speakers in human capital development. Amongst them were Joan Low, CEO of Thoughtfull; Sharala Axryd, Founder and CEO of The Center of Applied Data Science (CADS); Sharmini Ann Jacob, Executive Director of People & Change in Advisory, KPMG; Jenna Beh Huey Ching, CEO and Co-Founder, Fortnynja / E-Fintech School; and Andreas M. Vogiatzakis, Executive Director, AMVPLUS Advisory Sdn Bhd. The speakers shared their views and insights on what the HR community should be looking at in their HR initiatives and strategies to nurture talents across organizations.

The discussion started with Joan Low speaking on the topic of employee mental wellbeing, where she highlighted the importance of needs analysis and shared some useful best practices and actionable plans that HR professionals can consider using. Then, Sharala Axryd talked about data literacy in the workforce and the opportunities that can be derived from this skill, while Sharmini Ann Jacob touched on a topic that was very relevant in this pandemic era, as she spoke at length about strategies that can and should be adopted in terms of workforce compensation and benefits when considering flexible work arrangements.

The discussion was followed by Jenna Beh’s session, where she discussed the necessity to instill a culture of innovation within an organisation. She emphasized that to build a culture of innovation, initiatives should start from within the organization, and adoption would need to be monitored, tracked, and tested. The HR CoP Roundtable Discussion ended with a motivating talk by Andreas M. Vogiatzakis, who focused on the discussion on personal development, leadership, rules of engagement, perseverance, and managing change.

MII will continue to conduct this important discussion in the future to help ensure a conducive platform is available for HR professionals to communicate and share information, stories, and personal experiences in a way that builds understanding and insight. This is also to encourage and enable dialogue among HR professionals to explore new possibilities, solve challenging problems, and create new, mutually beneficial opportunities; to stimulate learning within the HR community.

For inquiries on future HR CoP events conducted by The Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII), email us at [email protected]