//How to Work Out a Sweat, The Virtual Style

How to Work Out a Sweat, The Virtual Style


Although life has somewhat returned to normalcy, many people are still cautious when it comes to socializing and moving about in exposed public spaces. Among these people are those who have started resuming outdoor physical activities. However, for those who are conscious of the importance of social distancing and staying home, exercises and fitness activities continue to be conducted at home.

Working up a sweat and staying healthy while at home may be difficult but not impossible. A little home workout, yoga or Pilates might be your best bet for hanging on to some semblance of sanity while being cooped up. Many fitness companies and workout studios offer virtual workout classes so that people can still go through their routine fitness activities and sweat it out at home each day. Working out at home for few minutes not only keeps you fit, it gives you that much-needed break from the monotony of staying indoors.

To set yourself up for this, all you need is a training or yoga mat plus a high-quality Wi-Fi connection, and you are all set to join live streams or pre-recorded digital classes from anywhere. It is like having your personal trainer with you at your home!

Reasons why working out while at home should be at the top of your priority list

  • Schedule flexibility
    Virtual workouts allow you to follow a sweat session at your own comfort and time. It allows fitness freaks to exercise at any time of the day, and at their own pace. All you need to do is roll out of bed or minimize that excel spreadsheet, set up your mat, and start your workout.
  • A wide variety of formats
    With virtual classes, there is a wide array of different fitness studios and workouts to choose. From high energy sessions such as aerobics, spins, and body pumps to the gentle core strengthening exercises like Pilates and yoga – there is something for everyone.
  • Professional guidance in your home
    Frequent exercisers can quickly fall into a fitness rut. Instead of browsing for a workout on your own, you can opt for virtual classes. These classes have the most qualified instructors conducting sessions with proper ways to time exercise and flow. These trainers provide detailed instructions and exercises so that you get the most out of the workouts while exercising comfortably in your own house.
  • Working out together
    Even if you may not be physically sweating side-by-side on the reformer or squat racks with other people, this doesn’t mean you can’t work out together. Even if you are streaming solo from the comforts of your home, by virtually working out with others, you will experience the advantages of real-time workout sessions, with a sense of accountability, increased endorphins and motivation.
  • An environment to build up your confidence
    Workout sessions are often a gateway for live group fitness classes. But for those who don’t like the idea of exercising in a large group class, virtual classes are an excellent way of building up your confidence in a more private environment, at a pace that suits you. Just combine the music and get an effective workout within the confines of your home.


An exercise plan that works for you

To have the discipline to sustain your workout activities at home, come up with an exercise plan that will incorporate all the workouts you like. Here is what your schedule could look like:

  • Monday: Yoga Reset
    The first day of the working week can be a drag, so start with something that’s gentle and allows you to decompress after a long day.
  • Tuesday: Barre Burn
    The next day, ramp up the action with a barre exercise. It’s a little challenging as it requires body coordination and some of the reps require weight training, but overall, it’s fun and manageable.
  • Wednesday: Happy Workout
    Hump day! Don’t just work on your glutes during mid-week. Instead, pick a workout that will continue to perk you up. Choose a feel-good happy workout that has a lot of intense reps and dance-like movements.
  • Thursday: No Equipment HIIT
    Thursdays can be quite busy for many of us as we begin to wrap up projects and try to beat deadlines before the end of the working week. Luckily, with quick no-fuss, no-equipment HIIT exercises, you can still get your workout for the day even with a hectic schedule. And for the uncertain, HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training.
  • Friday: Gentle Sculpting Pilates
    Go for a super gentle low-impact exercise pick to cap off your week. Most of the reps are done while lying down and while there is no intense jumping or weight training, it still gives you a good stretch.
    Being at home for prolonged periods can create significant challenges when it comes to staying fit and active. Thank goodness then for yoga to HIIT and Pilates, and everything in between, for fitness workouts that keep us energetic, focused, connected, and invested in ourselves—wherever we are and for whatever we want to achieve.