//Gibraltar BSN Widening Protection for Malaysians with latest Critical Illness Plan, GoXtra Care

Gibraltar BSN Widening Protection for Malaysians with latest Critical Illness Plan, GoXtra Care

Source: Gibraltar, 22 February 2021

According to the Ministry of Health Malaysia, one in 4 Malaysians will suff¬er from Cancer before age 75. Other surveys state that one in five Malaysian deaths are due to Heart Diseases and one in ten deaths that occur are due to stroke.
Despite the prevalence and rising healthcare costs for critical illness conditions, many Malaysians remain under protected and are open to financial impact from a significant life event. Households surveyed under the National Health and Morbidity Survey 2019 show that only 8.1 percent of Malaysian households utilise their insurance to pay for health services.

The majority of Malaysians (81.4 percent) pay their health bills from their current income, 35.8 percent use their savings, while 10.9 percent pay with monies borrowed from family and friends.
Realising the heavy financial burden of recovering from a critical illness condition to the patient, family, and society, Gibraltar BSN today launched GoXtra Care, a comprehensive critical illness plan that provides multiple lump sum payments of up to RM2,000,000 for 151 conditions from early to advanced stages and 10 special conditions.

Addressing a timely need, Lee Kok Wah, Chief Executive Officer of Gibraltar BSN Life Berhad said,
“With Malaysia’s increasing medical inflation, treatment for critical illness conditions can be extremely costly, resulting in financial burden to the customer. With that in mind, we designed GoXtra Care to cover our customer’s extensive financial needs by allowing multiple claims from different illness groups and the automatic reset of coverage back to 100% if no other claims are made within 12 months after the first Early Stage critical illness claim.”

In total, GoXtra Care allows customers to receive up to 350% of their coverage amount upon diagnosis of any three out of these five critical illness groups: Cardiovascular and Circulatory System, Brain and Disability, Major Organs, Neurological Disorder, and Cancer.
The Special Condition Benefit of GoXtra Care also provides up to 10% of the coverage amount upon diagnosis requiring Invasive Treatments for Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes Complication,
or Mental Illnesses.

“With an extensive coverage plan such as GoXtra Care, we are pleased to alleviate our customers’ financial worries so they can focus fully on their recovery, take care of their families, and continue pursuing their life dreams.”, Kok Wah added.

GoXtra Care is distributed via Gibraltar BSN’s nationwide agency channel and further complements the life insurer’s range of simple, relevant, and affordable financial solutions which includes life and health protection through traditional and investment-linked plans. For more information, please visit www.gibraltarbsn.com.