//Educational Infographics to promote Medical and Health Insurance

Educational Infographics to promote Medical and Health Insurance

Source: LIAM

A series of educational infographics to educate the public on Medical and Health Insurance (MHI) were developed in the first quarter of 2021.

The educational infographics covered topics like Medical Inflation, Pooling Systems, Guarantee letters, and MHI Claims. The infographic on Medical Inflation explained the factors that contribute to the increase in medical premiums, highlighted the role of consumers to help reduce medical inflation costs, and what to expect when they do their part in keeping medical inflation low. The infographic also explained the concept of the Pooling System, how risk pooling works in the insurance industry, the advantage of having an insurance policy, and the options available for policyholders if they do not want to pay higher premiums. Meanwhile, the infographic on Guarantee Letter and MHI Claims highlighted the reasons why some medical claims were declined, tips on how to ensure medical claims are approved, and hospital admission journey and discharge process for policyholders.

The series of infographics were boosted on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and shared with member companies and other stakeholders to generate more awareness.