//An Interview with Mr Anand Ghnavello of Forensic Services

An Interview with Mr Anand Ghnavello of Forensic Services


In conjunction with Forensic Services Group’s 35th Anniversary, we are pleased to interview Mr Anand Ghnavello to learn more about the role of Forensic Services in the insurance business and market.

Mr Ghnavello, congratulations on Forensic Services Group’s 35th Anniversary. For the benefit of our readers, please share with us some background about Forensic Services.?
First, I’d like to thank MII for this exclusive interview on Forensic Services. Forensic Services Group started in Asia in 1986. Our Vision and Mission has always been to carry out forensic investigations into the causes of fires, explosions, and engineering breakdowns throughout Asia, with the highest integrity and professionalism.

What is forensic service and who are forensic investigators?
In the past 35 years that we have been on this journey, we have witnessed how the industry has evolved. To keep up with this evolution, we have adapted to changes without compromising the key values that have come to be expected of us. There are not many forensic companies that are successful in producing credible and reliable reports.

Currently, there are not many players in this field as this requires a high degree of integrity and professionalism from investigators. Ideally, investigators should be unbiased and impartial seekers of truth. In a nutshell, investigators must be bound by ethical principles to preserve objectivity.

Investigators are constantly pushed beyond their comfort zone, as each investigation is different. Without passion and drive, not many would be able to endure these challenges.

What makes Forensic Services different from other similar service providers in Malaysia?
Our strong and experienced team of forensic consultants cover Asia and the emerging countries, bringing our in-depth forensic experience in fires and explosions, electrical and mechanical failures, and vehicle investigations to much needed industries.

Our consultants are professionally qualified in the applied sciences and engineering, and are engaged full time in the work described. They comprise graduates in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, metallurgy, chemistry and forensic science.

In addition to that, every investigation is conducted with the view that the findings may need to be presented and justified in a court of law. Our consultants have appeared as expert witnesses in courts in Asia.

How has Forensic Services adapted and adopted digital transformation or innovation in its processes and business activities in general?
Having a diverse group of forensic engineers with various disciplines working under one roof, with over 6,000 in-house case histories and growing, we developed a comprehensive 360° approach to our forensic investigations covering a wide range of industries.

We continue to invest in technology and people to provide higher levels of efficiency, accuracy, and delivery of our forensic services. Our forensic lab today features metallurgical equipment and Gas chromatography.

To amplify our professional services, we have also embarked on acquiring ISO 17025 which we expect to achieve in 2022.

What does it take to be successful in the business of forensic service?
To be successful, we need to be able to skillfully communicate technical and scientific evidence in a fashion that a lay person or a trier of facts can comprehend. We are competent in investigating and formulating observations, opinions, and conclusions. These are the basic hallmarks of good forensic investigators.

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