//Allianz General’s Smart Home Cover Is Now Smarter

Allianz General’s Smart Home Cover Is Now Smarter

Source: Allianz, 2 September 2020

When it comes to home insurance, Smart Home Cover is the smartest solution for your biggest investment. Over 130,000 policies sold since its launch in July 2017, Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad (Allianz General) is reintroducing Smart Home Cover, its modular home insurance enhancements to the HomeFix component.

The enhanced HomeFix component allows policyholders to seek services using Allianz Partners such as Recommend.my and Kaodim.com to have a contractor on site to carry out immediate fixes including plumbing works and air conditioner servicing, once a year. On top of that, policyholders can also use the home care service via Allianz Partners, once a year, for pest control services for termites or bed bugs treatment, and more importantly, home disinfection service if a member of the household gets diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus.

Besides that, Allianz General is also offering quick repair services for homes under the HouseOwner and HouseHolder components with no payment or documentation required. So upon notification, customers can expect an Allianz General’s preferred contractor to arrive on-site within 24-hours. While these services, are already available in Klang Valley, Allianz General is already looking into introducing the service in major towns soon.

Allianz Malaysia Berhad Chief Executive Officer, Zakri Khir, said the newly enhanced Smart Home Cover not only provides protection for home from damages, but now offers with elements of utilisation that will be beneficial to homeowners.
“A home faces many risks, both big and small, from burst pipes to fire, flood, and even theft. Yes, you may not file a claim for 10 or 20 years, but all it takes is one untoward incident, a flood, or a fire, to set you back financially. So if you weigh the options, the premium you pay for your home insurance is very small compared to the risk you take on by not having adequate coverage for your home,” said Zakri, who is also Chief Executive Officer of Allianz General.

“It is important that you get a home insurance policy that truly serves its purpose. Our Smart Home Cover policy is now more flexible and equipped with tangible components that allows our customers to experience the benefits of having a home insurance policy. The enhanced HomeFix component make it easy for our customers to get repairs or services done without having to fork out any cash and its hassle-free and quick,” added Zakri, who is also Chief Executive Officer of Allianz Malaysia Berhad.

  • Smart Home Cover has the following five components that policyholders can tailor to suit their needs:

    HouseOwner (Building)
    Covers the residential building including fixtures, fittings, garages, walls, gates and fences against damage.

  • HouseHolder (Content)
    Covers the household contents and personal effects. Policyholders can choose to insure either a full value basis which protects all the household contents in the building or on a first loss basis which protects the household contents by selecting from five different plans.

Mortgage Loan Instalment Protection
Covers the monthly loan instalment in the event that the house is deemed temporarily uninhabitable due to insured events or evacuation by local authority exceeding 72 hours or the insured suffers accidental death or total permanent disablement.

HomeFix *Newly Enhanced*
Covers reimbursements in repairing burst pipes; repairs or temporary repair of doors, locks and windows (including temporary repair) arising from theft and domestic help allowance. Besides that, once a year, policyholders can also utilise reimbursement for home repair or service (air conditioner, plumbing, electrical wiring, painting, roofing and locksmith) or home care (termites or bed bugs pest control and disinfection service) using Allianz Partners such as Recommend.my and Kaodim.com.

Landlord Insurance
Covers malicious damage by tenant and runaway tenant. Allianz General will also bear the legal fee for the issuance of a Letter of Demand for rent past due.
To purchase Smart Home Cover, contact any Allianz General agents or visit Allianz Online to get a quote or purchase a policy. To learn more about Smart Home Cover, visit allianz.com.my/smart-home-cover.