//A Technical Tsunami is Coming to Motor Insurance

A Technical Tsunami is Coming to Motor Insurance

Article Provided by MRC

The motor vehicle industry in Malaysia is being inundated with new technologies and sophistication at a level never seen before in the industry. Vehicle design, complex materials and advanced technology only previously seen on “premium” manufacturers and vehicle models is now becoming common place on high volume cars populating the roads of Malaysia.

These increasingly complex vehicles and materials, the speed of the changing technology, and the demands of managing motor insurance claims costs are putting increasing pressure on each of the industry stakeholders. Returning a damaged vehicle to pre-accident condition is becoming an every increasingly skilled task. Technicians, insurance loss adjusters and vehicle estimators are required to have ever increasing knowledge of the constantly changing designs and repair techniques of today’s vehicle.


The materials used to build the vehicle are becoming lighter, leading to better fuel efficiency to promote environmental and government targets. Carbon, plastics and aluminium are all examples of the types of materials that are now used in vehicle manufacture and have to be considered as part of the vehicle repair process. Without the correct knowledge and methodology, these materials are not only more difficult to repair, but potentially provide a danger to both the vehicle technician and the vehicle owner.

The increases in vehicle complexity and advancement in vehicle body construction make it more critical than ever to ensure that staff from the insurance, loss adjuster, and body repair industry have clear visibility and awareness of these developments, and have access to the latest technical training and repair methods to keep the policy holder safe in their vehicle, post repair.

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